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Justin Ancona and Elisha Hougland 

Justin has memories of visiting his grandparents in Arizona as a kid and playing pickleball with his family. As a tennis player it came naturally and was a ton of fun. Elisha and Justin met through tennis and played their first Pickleball tournament together in January 2021. It brought back the competitive drive that tennis had provided for so many years. Justin and Elisha decided to start training at 5:30am several mornings a week to see how they could do at the pro level. As they were training, they were looking for a way to learn drills & tips - there wasn't much out there for help. Noticing this gap, they decided to start recording their drill sessions and things they were doing to improve and posting it to YouTube to show their "Pickleball Journey". This gained some traction and eventually led to putting much more time and effort into helping others on their Pickleball Journey. 

Justin is a full time Financial Planner with Raymond James Financial. He is a the proud husband to his wife Jes and attend the Compass Church in South Naperville. 

Elisha is the Head Pickleball Pro at Victory Pickleball. He is the proud husband to his wife Lauren, and father to his daughter, Alina. Since 2019, he  ventured into the realm of pickleball coaching, further expanding his skill set and enriching his coaching experience.


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